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Paris Premium Massage

Time slots

Les tarifs se décomposent selon les plages horaires suivantes:

Prices are decomposed according to the following time periods:

Journée: 09h00 – 20h00

Soirée: 20h00 – 22h00


Massage at Home or Hotel in Paris

Massages (60' or 90')

Made to measure (toning or relaxing), the well-being massage uses long, slow, fluid and gliding movements which allow deep physical relaxation.

Massage promotes the elimination of stress and the relaxation of muscular tension.


day: €190/€260

evening: €260/€330

Face Modeling (intraoral)

This method offers an effective and non-invasive anti-aging response (no operation or injection) on the entire face and surrounding areas from the inside and outside of the face. The maneuvers cover the regions of the face, throat and décolleté, neck and head.

day: € - /€240

evening: € - /€290

Lymphatic Drainage (Renata França method)

Lymphatic drainage method Renata França is a manual massage technique which is carried out on the entire body by exercising precise tonic movements on the circulatory path of the lymphatic system and firm “pumping” type pressure on the lymphatic glands.


day: €190/€260

evening: €260/€330

Well-being in Business

Massage or Amma Massage

The seated Amma massage is a touching technique which is practiced in a seated position on a clothed person. It is a precise, technical sequence, composed of pressures, stretches, percussions and sweeps.



Nail bars

Made after work for hotel guests or for an event or even for corporate staff for a cocooning moment... anything is possible!



Beard or mustache trimming, old-fashioned shaving, haircut: gentlemen are also entitled to their privileged space!


Yoga/Sports Coach

A business coach offers group sports and well-being classes (Yoga, stretching)



An artist comes to create your tailor-made hairstyle, day or evening makeup to shine brightly.


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